ZOO- A Death Cell, striking images by Enamul Kabir of abusing and harassing animals

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Md Enamul Kabir is a Dhaka based freelance photographer, loves his photos to be concise and cohesive and he tries to achieve the best result possible with fewer subjects.

ZOO- A Death Cell

Their time is short, dear fellow Humans, and the end has come

I accuse mankind of taking as its own property whatever, whoever, wherever it settles, may it be not in crucial need for the resource

I accuse mankind of being both devilishly wicked and clever enough to imagine complex ideologies in order to justify in the eyes of future generations the harm caused now

I accuse mankind of destroying, burning, exploiting, trading, reducing the biosphere

I accuse mankind of having selfishly considered animals living in this biosphere as enclosed goods

I accuse mankind of performing an empty gesture, by which I mean an hypocritical bid to clear its conscience

I accuse capitalism as the main ideology of this two-faced manipulation

I accuse capitalism of having concentrated in its hands the destinies and lives of many innocent animals

I accuse capitalism of being guilty not only of crimes against Nature and Wild but more fundamentally of disseminating the mistaken belief that its own artificial creations and means would avoid or inverse the process

I accuse zoos of being accomplices, by selling tickets to allow visitors come to spaces where animals are caged

I accuse zoos of mistreating, abusing and harassing animals

I accuse zoos of misleading the public, this brazen deceit of the peoples aiming at support the capitalist propaganda

Finally, I accuse mankind of violating its very essence by destroying its own environment, I accuse capitalism of intrinsically underlying this destruction, and I accuse zoos of serving as a propaganda tool.

My ignited exhibition is nothing more than the cry of my heart.

Mighty Birds, king in the air

Tightly blurred, dying behind bars

Why? No taboo

Fly they won't, deny you don't in such a sky

The echo of my land, my dreams are daily illusions of shadows

I’m losing myself in this perpetual flow


One of the lasts of his kind

A lord there, dying alone, in his bored mind

With the companionship of a caring Sheep

My freedom my wildlife at the peaks that I will not reach anymore!!!

I am like a statue, petrified my body bruised in this horror store


A Mighty Crocodile far from its Mile, in this dirty mixture

And you have taken a pretty picture

But you are the caricature -prefer a selfie

Goodbye my large space, hello ZOOBOX

Goodbye Sky’s bird, hello SCISSORBOX



Hurtle you never, little turtle

Lazy traveler, cute scamp, owner of your schedule

Hide now in your sell, hide from their hell

They call it shelter, you can’t escape, can’t get out of this

You are their camp, preZOOner

We were peaceful lovers & escaped hateful poachers

We have nothing left than each other

in such a tenderness you'll never possess

It's a story of colors, a mushy range of green & vivid oranges,

It's a story from Borneo to Guantanamo,

And it all ends in darkness for the hero.

Dancer caught in its wood,

Antlers cut in their blood,

Bambi cries on his babyhood

All Photos and text are Copy Righted by (C) Md Enamul Kabir


About the photographer:

Md Enamul Kabir is a Dhaka based freelance photographer. He has completed his Advance course in photography from Begat Photography of Institute. For him, photography is all about moment and story which becomes the witness. He loves his photos to be concise and cohesive and he tries to achieve the best result possible with fewer subjects. Apart that Enamul loves to take photos of animals. His works has been exhibited and Awarded around the world.


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