'The Poet with The Camera' Nasir Ali Mamun unleashed his painting skill during Covid Lockdown

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Iconic Bangladeshi portrait photographer who is also known as "the poet with the camera", Nasir Ali Mamun a man with talents and skills. He has been an occasional painter and during Covid Lockdown and creates thought provoking art works.

Nasir Ali Mamun (born 1953) is a Bangladeshi portrait photographer. He is known to many art connoisseurs as Camerar Kobi (The Poet with the Camera).He received The Daily Star-Standard Chartered Bank's Celebrating Life Lifetime Achievement Award in photography in 2017.

He is also receipent of 'Shilpakala Padak 2017' for his outstanding contribution to


Nasir Ali Mamun had received 'Lifetime Achievement Award' by Chobi Mela (organized by DRIK, South Asian Institute of Photography) in the year 2017. He held the credit of exhibiting 59th solo in Bangladesh & abroad and author 13 books.

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Nasir Response to Contact Sheet "What inspired you to start painting?"

"Actually I wanted to be involved into painting out of grammar in early 60s. But poverty does not allow me to connect. I started portrait photography... it was very expensive! To see the inner beauty of 'portraitism' empty darkness enthralled me. Since then I was a believer of hand-made artworks, it was in my "heart-disk". Kept my internal psychedelic thoughts for decades, let them sleep... Now having time it is giving me pressure to birth. Self-portrait is a true love for any artist. It remains the art & times of a creative. Darkness is the source of light. Peace."

Self-portrait by Nasir Ali Mamun/Photoseum

Title: 'Celebrating 50 years with this finger-tips' : Acrylic on Acid-free Fabriano Paper Size: 22,9 by 30,5 cm May 2020
Title: 'Strange patient visited me, while a VIP waiting outside' ; Acrylic on Acid-free Canson Paper Size: 56 by 76 cm April 2020
Title: 'Lost My Key During Corona Era...' Size: 56 by 36 cm. April 2020
Title: 'Travelling with Gandhijee & Tagore on ghost train' April 2020
Title: 'Morning walk with Charlie Chaplin in a sugerfree town' April 2020

Title: 'My acting walk like Mr. Gandhi creates a chain of slaves' April 2020

Title: 'My horse refused to ride to the Battle of Plassey' April 2020

Title: 'Sorry, fixing our planet very frequently' May 2020