"The day when she stopped drinking milk" , Pinki Biswas's work on modern life issue

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Pinki Biswas Sanya Kolkata based photographer express the story of addiction of technology in her work.

She was like a soft tranquil holy lively and lovely baby plant. Her presence always exposed a joyful ambience. Her heart was small but magnanimous; her little mind was a store of innocence, fun and love. Time passed by, her mind set, habits, attitude were transformed, but hearty feelings for parents and intimacy with them, was still unchanged. Her intimate world had started changing when she got her own mobile and gradually plunged into that. Her desire to enjoy her parent’s love and affection was vanished, she lost interest in reading and started avoiding duties. Mobile became her only thought and feeling in sleep and dream. The question which now hits the mind is that, would the mobile make her future as joyful as her childhood again?

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About the photographer:


Creativity is my passion since childhood , I used to get fascinated by colours and their various expressions in our daily life .The early curiosity led to an inquiring mind and formal training in painting . Looking back, I find my present passion, photography, is actually an extension of my early love, painting. My camera has equipped me with an insight into human life in its various forms and complexities.

As a photographer my work is focussed on recapturing multi-layered and rich slices of street life in India, women, old age, inevitability of diseases and death, human endeavours for survival. What I am doing is also photojournalism, chronicling life with man/woman at its core. I live by photography as I find it to be in perfect harmony with my self-effacing, quite nature. HONOR - Photographic work has been exhibited in multiple National and International art galleries like Blank Wall Gallery(Athens, Greece), Birla Academy Of Art & Culture(Kolkata), Gaganendra Shilpa Pradarshashala(Kolkata), ICCR(Kolkata), Gallery Gold(Kolkata), Academy Of Fine Arts(Kolkata), Chitrakoot Art Gallery(Kolkata), Chemould Art Gallery(Kolkata), Nagpur Photography Club, Rotaract Club of Vadodara etc. Winner of multiple Photography Competitions organized by coinaphoto.com, PHOTOFIE, klickideas.com, Uttarbanga Sambad, ICCR, Citius Holidays Pvt Ltd etc. Photographic work has been published and recognized by different platforms like HIPA, Camarena, World Photographic Forum, Global Photography Forum, Streethunters.net, The World Wide Street Photography Club, Black and White Photography group, Street photography in the world group, FOTOJAJS etc. Winner of multiple Drawing and Painting Competitions at college and school level.

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