Stunning Landscapes by Bangladeshi Photographer Hameem Shakhawat

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Hameem Shakhawat is a Dhaka, Bangladesh based freelance Travel and Landscape photographer with a passion to frame the nature with it's unique beauty.

Dirk Gallery, the old one, was just walking distance from my campus back in 1999/2000. Whenever there happened to be any photography exhibition, i used to go there without any exception. Around that time the renowned "Chobi Mela" started as i can recall. That was the initial "step into" photography world for me. Later, till i brought my first camera, luckily an entry level DSLR, in 2007, i often found myself logged into or and spent hours scrolling through the mesmerizing photos of tons of unknowing but talented photographers from around the world. Undoubtedly, the nature's photos were dragging my attentions the most.

The day i decided to buy my Nikon D40, i was watching Discovery or NetGeo, which i cannot recall, but what i can recall was a photographer, standing on top of a mountain in the night, his camera was on a 3 lagged thing, later i found out that calls a tripod, and taking photographs on a unlikely way, with a cable hanging from his camera, cable release i came to know later, clicking on the other edge of the cable and taking breathtaking photos of thunders. And the technique was long exposures, how knew!! at that very moment, i told myself i have to do this! and so it starts.

That being said, I don’t have any idols to look up to rather the idea. the sense of nature photography drags me all the way.    

The Transformation:

From 2007 till date, i keep on learning. The technique, the grammar, the post processing. i was not into the chase of "upgrade" so my second last camera is still in use is Nikon D90 and that has been my trusted buddy for long 10 years. But i was missing something. I had (and still have) a feeling that I'm stuck in a level and i am not been able to gone beyond that limit. I cannot achieve the next level. There was always rule of thirds, there was always the leading lines. But the Aesthetics, the contemporary art was missing as i felt.

Then on 2013, i went to a trekking photography trip at the edge of the Mount Kanchenjunga. The nature had been quite moody. And so it started to come to me. Rather waiting for the light and the color, i started to take the picture of the dark gloomy nature. And slowly but surely i started to realize, at least that i like to believe, the beauty of the other side of it. Which i like to call; the dark side of the moon

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