Street spotter from Jakarta : Agus Aminullah

Agus Aminullah is a Jakarta based Indonesian street photographer loves to capture moment.

My name is Agus Aminullah. I’m a photographer from Indonesia. I lived Jakarta. I am a chemistry graduates who’s drawn into photography since 2016. At the moment, my photos are mainly focusing on street photography. Why street photography?  At first, I was simply looking for a hobby that are affordable and straightforward...and.. in street photography, I don’t have to necessarily force myself to go to a very nice, touristy, costly places. I can do street photography anywhere in public spaces. I can capture the moments at public spaces surround my neighborhood; the bus terminal, the kids playground and the traditional market. I don’t have to prepare additional or special equipments like tripod or filter when taking photos and thus no extra cost. 

I don’t have any formal academic foundations on photography. I learned photography by checking out other people’s photos, watch youtube, read photo articles, ask many questions to friends that are senior photographers. I love the work of Indonesian photographers like Sambara, Chris Tuarissa and many others. And then I started to get familiar with photos captured by international photographers, from Nikos Economopoulos, Alex Webb, Vineet, to Tavepong and many others. For the street photo specifications or style that I take, I’m not limiting myself to nor specialising into only one style. Maybe not for now... I am now taking my time to capture everything that I like and find interesting. Since August 2019, I was appointed to be one of the moderators for one of international street photography community, globalfotografia_streets.

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All Photos are Copyrighted by (C) Agus Aminullah

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