Splendid street moments by Nayeem Siddiquee, Bangladeshi photographer

Nayeem Siddiquee is known to everyone as “Nayeem Jabaz". He was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh on 21 June 1995.

He started street photography (as a serious hobby) in 2016. In a short time, he has become part of the 'New Wave' of Bangladesh Street Photographers. He is one of the members of Little Box Collective. Nayeem's work is full of his own feelings, emotions, and imaginations of his everyday life which he tries to capture through his camera.

His works have been selected for exhibitions in several countries, including Miami Street Photo Festival, Siena International Photo Awards, Leica Street Photo festival, India Photo Festival, London Street Photo Festival, Italian Street Photo Festival, Photo Sofia photography festival, Street Photo San Francisco, , Bangladesh in Frame, Break the Circle , Out of the Box etc.


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