"Remerging with nature to restart", Alice Zilberberg with Contact Sheet

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Alice Zilberberg is an internationally acclaimed award-winning artist, recognized by curators, collectors, and art patrons across the globe.

A graduate of Ryerson University’s Photography program, she began her artistic practice by painting: a verve which remains very much present in her digital works. The winner of numerous prestigious competitions, her accolades include 1st place titles in competitions such as the International Photography Awards, the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, and the Fine Art Photography Awards.

In 2013, she was the youngest artist to date to participate in the Waddington’s Art Auction. Her work has been displayed in galleries across North America, Europe, and Asia; she has been interviewed and featured in publications and platforms such as MTV, Breakfast Television, CBC, and PHOTO+ Magazine in Korea.

For over a decade, Zilberberg developed her own distinctive technique for creating her digital paintings, where photography is only the beginning of the final artwork. The works are comprised of many photographs, and carry variety of elements such as colour, toning, manipulation, and painting.

With a poetic style of expression, the meanings of her images unravel through metaphor and symbolism that aim to inspire the viewer to look inward.

Alice with Contact Sheet

Tell us about your initial days, how you became a photographer?

  I have always made art. I painted when I was younger, and played around digitally even before I picked up a camera. I arrived at my style when I saw that I can create images that have the details that photography offers, but that are simultaneously unreal and painterly. I really liked the surreal affect this gave me, and I continued working in this style.

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You have your unique style of photography, what is your inspiration? 

I get inspired by engaging with the world in many ways. My ideas can come from anything I’m thinking at the time. I am always thinking of new ideas. I’m really caught in making work that speak to emotional intelligence and well-being at the moment.

What are your favourite gear? Camera, lens ?

I’ve always thought that it’s how you use the equipment, and not what you use, that matters. I used whatever is best for the work. I do use Nikon gear right now.

What was your thought behind your work “Meditation” ?

I always liked the idea of remerging with nature as a means of reinstating a sense of calmness. I’ve previously explored this with vast landscapes and the feeling that they give you. In this work, I find a similar affect with wildlife. Nature conservation is something I deeply care about. The amalgamation of the animals and the backgrounds from around the world stand to represent nature as a whole, the state of nature, and not just the individual animal in the image.

Tell us any interesting behind the scene experience. 

I spent last Monday in -15 degrees Celsius hanging

All Photos are Copy Righted by (C) Alice Zilberberg

Interview taken by Saud A Faisal

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