"My lockdown days as a mother homemaker and a photographer" by Ferdous Tasni

Ferdous Tasni is a Dhaka based photographer documents her lockdown days from personal viewpoint.

Mid-March 2020, the world was already at the risk of widespread spread of infection caused by coronavirus pandemic (Covid -19).When the lockdown started here in Dhaka exactly 20th march many of us didn’t understand the concept of staying home for a long time……..my husband started working from home around 25th march and I also stopped going to the studio (newborn photography) we also told our temporary maid not to come for an uncertain time. As our country is one of the densely populated country in the world social distancing is nearly impossible socially, culturally and physically. Although we are in an atom family, but the family bonding is very strong within my in-laws family and we used to meet almost every day after the day’s work. As well as the friend circle is in also like our family members.

It was difficult to adjust to this new normal life, keeping social distance from each other. New norm of keeping a safe distance, everyone is locked in their home like prisoners, being a mother of one child I can see children were becoming restless and hyper.

I started photographing our daily activities as a mother, house maker and as a photographer and I saw amidst all this sadness, fear of unknown disease.

However there are also saw some hope of positivity and beautiful side of life. I watched the beautiful bonding between my husband and daughter, I watched my husband creating music from his heart, and we got to cherish the little thing in life. While we were staying at home let the nature heal, we came to the realization that we need to live in harmony with mother nature and stop destroying our environment……….

All Photos and text are Copy Righted by the photographer (C)


About the photographer:

Ferdous Tasni

Ferdous Tasni is a freelance photographer from Bangladesh. She finishes her graduation in English literature from Premier University Chittagong. A hobbyist taking pictures all of her friends and family during her university life became serious in photography after her marriage when she shifted to Dhaka from Chittagong. She completed a basic photography course from Pathshala the south asian media academy in 2011, followed by few photography workshops and mentorship programs which helps her to understand the medium and language more deeply. She is more into social documentary photography and believes that she can raise awareness and address problems in society through her photographs. Her photo story published in The Daily Star a leading English daily in Bangladesh. Her photos selected and exhibited in many group exhibition organized by popular photography community in Bangladesh. Her photographs also selected and exhibited in AUW (Asian University for Women) Photo carnival.

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