Mr. Bangladesh : Story on bodybuilding contest by Saiful Amin Kazal

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Saiful Amin Kazal is a Dhaka, Bangladesh based freelancer photographer documented an interesting event on body building contest with some stunning images.

The history of bodybuilding in Bangladesh is not very well known and enough info is not available in internet. Unsure of exact year or date , Mr. Bangladesh contest started probably it started from 70s in Bangladesh. From 90s every year Mr. Dhaka, which is a smaller version contest is taking place every year in the capital Dhaka. Also the small local clubs and gyms are arranging such events on regular basis.

But these events never got any major media attraction and lacks sponsorship. And the facilities are not sufficient and very limited benefits are provided to these participants.

These young souls are self motivated and dedicated themself for a healthier sports.

shakib, he is the most powerful man now, won many international contest around the world, he is now trainer in the largest gym of Dhaka city in Uttara

All Photos and text are Copyrighted by the photographer (C)


About the photographer:

Saiful Amin Kazal

"I,m a  street & documentary photographer from dhaka, i,m doing photography from Mid 80's, my profession is private service in a construction company.

during the "pilkhana tragedy" (also called "bdr mutiny" or "bdr tragedy")  2009,  25 february, while on the way to my work place,  i got stucked at Jigatola bus stand, very near to BDR (now its renamed " BGB",  bangladesh border guard) 4# gate,  they were openly firing to open place & running people with heavy machine guns & chinese riffles, i had an sony digital pocket camera in my pant pocket  (which i used to carry always) & i was taking pictures of them going or getting close to their gate, suddenly a bullet of a chinese riffle shot me down, bullet hit my left leg just above knee,  i was carried to govt hospital so soon by public,  my sciatic nerve was injured very seriously & my leg was broken into so many pcs...

Total 7 major operation has been done during 2009 to 2011, I was at bed rest for 4 & 1/2 years long (until 2014), now i can walk but with an elbow crutch & brase always in leg, very sad to tell that in those time (2010 maybe) my hard disc was crashed which later i failed to recover, i lost all my images of 80's to 2009 feb, i became so much frustrated that time....when i got a dslr camera for the 1st time in my life in 2015, i started my previous job again & started my photography life once again, with heavy pain of leg i never stopped, i never left home without my camera for a single day .

Photography is my only hobby, my passion, my love

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