Mikko Lagerstedt : Capturing the emotion of places through atmospheric fine art photography

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

"Mikko Lagerstedt's images do all the talking. No, scrap that. They scream and shout brilliance."

- Digital SLR Photography Magazine

Mikko Lagerstedt is an award-winning Finnish photographer famous for capturing majestic atmospheric views and simplistic landscapes of his native Finland. Mikko is a self-taught photographer who lives in Tuusula, Finland (30 km's from Helsinki), and began his craft in December 2008. His photography has been featured around the world in book covers, magazines and in advertisements. Mikko paves the way to atmospheric photography with complicated techniques and enormous talent and often it is hard to believe that Mikko’s starry photos were actually made on Earth. His enchanting photos highlight some of Finland's extraordinary landscapes. Capturing simplistic Finnish landscapes and fleeting moments, he strives to use his atmospheric vision to inspire people.

About the stories behind his photos Mikko says, "I love to capture simplistic and atmospheric photographs. There is a certain feeling I want to convey to the person looking at them. These might change depending on the image, solitude and loneliness are among the most common emotions I want to capture." A quick scan of his work will quickly reveal these emotions in the photos. One of the main features of Mikko’s genius lies in composing brilliant works of composite art where he seamlessly blends exciting and artistic landscapes shots with mesmerizing astrophotos of a starry dark night, the milky way and aurora borealis or northern lights. The brilliant lighting in his photos can be attributed to Mikko’s attraction to the night and early morning light. On this issue Mikko says, "The final rays of light at the end of the day to starlight in the night all have a certain feeling I find intriguing and by capturing those moments, I'm always closer to capturing a story I enjoy."

Interestingly, solitude is not seen by Mikko as a negative condition in life but rather an essential component in effectively expressing one’s creativity. Mikko says that

“If you want to be creative, it's crucial to have distraction-free time for yourself. Seeing constant notifications, getting distracted by other people, and multi-tasking can all have a significant impact on how creative and focused you are with your tasks." When asked to give advice to young and/or upcoming photographers, Mikko says “Create what you enjoy and when you are in doubt of yourself go out and take

pictures. Keep on taking photos and eventually, you will find your vision and style. Some find it quicker than others, but there is no easy route. Having goals that motivate you intrinsically is essential. Procrastination only comes if you are not motivated enough to do something.”

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