Kudrat-e-Khoda, showing the beauty and diversity of wildlife of Bangladesh through his photographs

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Kudrat-e-khoda is a conservationist photographer based in Bangladesh also as one of the pioneer photographers and organizer of nature and wildlife arena.

His working area is wildlife, Macro and Nature. He loves nature and traveling since his childhood and developed his interest in observing the macro activity, wildlife and bird watching. He also keep to watch the changes of bio-diversity and climate and observe the impact of climate change.

Kudrat started his photography journey to conserve the nature in 1997. For last few years he is focusing on photographic documentation of native birds of Bangladesh and archival of various species of bird which are spotted in different corners of Bangladesh in artistic way. He has also photographed various insects, butterflies and spider from different part of the country.

Kudrat's several articles were published in major national newspapers and magazines and he contributed IUCN Red List as a Participate. He was featured in ‘Jole Jongole’- A television program by ATN News, a leading TV channel of Bangladesh. He also conducted several workshops on wildlife photography and conservation different parts of Bangladesh. Also he is working continuously to build a strong conservation photographer community in Bangladesh. He was actively involved in "Photo Journalism-2" by 'International Education and Resource Network- Bangladesh' as a guest lecturer. With his continuous drive develop a storong coservation photographic community which will contribute to build a balanced eco-systmen.

He judged various national contests also contributed to initiate several notable photography clubs in Bangladesh and acting as an advisor of more than 50 organization.

He is now one of the Fujifilm X Photographer of Bangladesh.

All Photos and text are Copy Righted by the photographer (C)

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