"If you are afraid to face difficulties, stop street photography" says Chu Viet Ha

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Vietnamese street photographer Chu Viet Ha with Contact Sheet

Chu Viet Ha was born in 1987 in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, currently working at a Construction Group in Hanoi.

A photography enthusiast especially street photography and believes photography is really a powerful tools, a bridge which helps him to communicate with the diversity of life and people around. A kind of photography religion that he has pursued and continued to pursue since the beginning of taking photos is "Decisive moments" . With hobbies and strengths of approaching the subjects, he always want to bring the viewers closer, even make them become a part of the moments in the street.

His works have appeared in newspapers and magazines about Street Photography such as IPA (invisiblephotographer.asia) with the photo series "Vietnam - Fleeting Encounters" and in others. Also Juried in the "Photo talk" contest organised by Fujifilm Vietnam in 2016; ranked i

n the top 15 Flickers on street photo in 2016. He also organised several exhibitions including "Dong Xuan Market" in Berlin, Germany and lately he juried the “ London Festival Street Photography” Contest in the year 2018.

The only Vietnamese admin at "Apf street photography"- a photo forum, sponsored by APF Magazine, with the largest members in Facebook; he is one of the members of "The Street Collective" Organisation.

Chu Viet's Gear!

X100s, X100F, X-T1, X-pro2, X-E2S, X70, X-pro3, X-T2, X-T3, XF18f2, XF16f2.8, XF23f2, XF56f1.2, XF18135, XF50140

5 Questions to Chu Viet Ha

1. What motivated you to be a street photographer?

I think it suits myself. I want to communicate with people, with life around me. Street photography also helps me to express myself that I cannot show in my work and my life.

2. What elements make photo outstanding?

I worship the decisive moment, so a special, strange and unique moment will be the first element to have an outstanding photo.

The following element is the message. In fact, I didn't really care about this factor before, however I have found it important after 5 years of taking street photo. Of course, street photos does not lay too much emphasis on the message, however, if a photo has a story with a message in it, that photo will be worth more.

Color factors and composition are also what I want to mention because I like a photo that must be clean and tidy haha.

3.  Photographers who inspire you

Pau Buscató


Gustavo Gomes


Taras Bychko


Barry Talis


Gabi Ben Avraham


Peter Kool


Jonathan Higbee


4. Favourite gear

Fujifilm X-Pro3 with Lens 16f2.8

5. What are the 3 qualities a street photographer must have

Firstly, it must be confidence and Dare to face difficulties, this is very important to me. There are many photographers who are always afraid or afraid to face difficulties and reactions from characters. If so, you will find it hard to get good photos.

Secondly, the agility in judging real situations is also very important. The decisive moment is very fast and sometimes you have to foresee the situation before shooting.

The third quality may be always to explore, discover and learn new things.

I think these qualities are not just for Street Photography. Personally I think if you are always satisfied with what you have, if you do not learn more, you will certainly be very difficult to progress or go further in Photography.

In addition, Street photographer should have more knowledge about society, history and people ... I think if a Street photographer has a lot of life experiences and extensive knowledge, their photos will also contain a lot of content and better message.

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All Photo are copyrighted by (c) Chu Viet Ha

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