"I enjoy being around different people & their traditions", Prabha Jayesh Indian photographer

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Prabha Jayesh– Female – 46 yrs. - Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Homemaker, passionate street and documentary photographer.

My photography journey started Six years back under the guidance of my mentor, Vineet Vohra (Co-Founder/CEO : artphotofuture.com – APF Magazine Street Photography group) my guru as I fondly call him.
I do photography as I believe it's a way of life to me. I shoot in order to capture the life, action of people and their various emotion going across the street.
I was born and brought up in a small village, so had limited resources to study and graduate. Being a keen learner, I didn’t wanted my education to be a barrier for my development and to purse photography. At the same time, I firmly believe in education and its importance to change the world in a better place, for that vary reason I started working on documentary photography. I truly agree that there’s no such thing which a person can’t achieve with hard work and determination.

Conversation with Contact Sheet

What motivated you to be a street photographer?

  As a person I am passionate learner for different cultures and costumes. I enjoy being around different people and knowing about their traditions and everyday life. So, as a photographer I was motivated by my passion to explore and capture everyday life and express peoples struggle and happiness in my photographs.

How important is a camera for street photography? any suggestions?

For street photography, I believe right moment to click and the elements in the picture are more important than what camera are we using to click that picture. Certainly, camera does play an important role for the quality of picture and so I suggest to work with a good

resolution camera. But the elements and the vision behind that picture plays more vital role in street photography.

What elements make photo stands out? Who are the photographers inspires you?

For a photo to stand out many elements are to be considered. The use of light, moment, emotions of subject, colour combinations, background that compliments the subject all are very important. There are many great photographers whose work I follow myself, few of their names are: My Mentor Vineet Vohra sir / Antonio E. Ojeda

Do you think Street photography is becoming cliche or monotonous?

I agree that street photography is been explored and been profession for numerous people. But the beauty of this genre is that as every moment is different, we get different click every time even if the place, people and activity is same.

Any suggestions for young photographers?

For a photographer to work on streets, it is important to enjoy it and feels its presence for an exceptional photo. With this, it is important to have patients and remember that hard work does pay of in a way or other, there times when after working for numerous restless hours we are felt with no good click. But in those times remind yourself of the enjoyment and those precious connection you made with people at that place.

All Photos are Copy Righted by (C) Photographer

Interview taken by Saud A Faisal

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