"Female faces in posters commonly are scrapped or overwritten", photos by Sudeepto Salam

Suddepto Salam, Dhaka, Bangladesh based photojournalist and fine art photographer documents and interesting feature of urban city life.

In the journey from feudalism to capitalism, masculine will always dominated the whole world. Bangladesh is no exception. Here, in most of the cases, males don’t come in contact with the females except their mothers and sisters.

They need to sit separately even in the co-education schools. As males can’t lead a regular life with the females until their marriage, they can’t imagine a normal relationship with them. Males preserve a secret desire about females in their psyche and often that desire is expressed from their sub conscious part of mind. That is the reason why we often find the portraits or pictures of females are scraped or overwritten on posters, stickers and newspapers. Dhaka-based photojournalist and fine-art photographer Sudeepto Salam started taking these photos since April 2015 from the capital of Bangladesh.

All Photos and text are Copy Righted by the photographer (C)

About the photographer:

Sudeepto Salam

Sudeepto Salam was born in Malibagh,Dhaka. He finished studying M.A. with B.A. (hons) in Bengali Language and Literature fromJagannathUniversity. He has also finished Diploma Course in Professional Photography & Art History. He he has been working as a journalist for 12 years. Currently he is working at the Daily Prothom Alo, is the highest circulated and most read newspaper in Bangladesh. The online portal of Prothom Alo is the most visited Bangladeshi and Bengali website in the world. He wanted to be a writer besides photography. Now he is writing both fictions and non-fictions. He also translated English and Hindi writings to Bengali. He received Bangladesh Shishu Academy Shishu Sahitya Puraskar ( juvenile literature award by the national academy for children in Bangladesh) , Daily Ittefaq-Canon Photography award (2011), Honorable Mention award (Gold medal) of the 74th International Photographic Salon given by Asahi Shimbun Japan, Reader’s Digest Unseen Asia Photo Contest award, Honorable Mention Award at the Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB)'s Anti-corruption Photo Competition 2016, UNICEF's Meena Media Award 2017 & 2019, Brac Migration Media Award 2017 among others. Singing is the evidence for his passion for music. He is very much interested in history, science and archaeology.

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