Crisis of girls’ education in Nigeria, during the pandemic - by Richard Juilliart

Richard Juilliart , a freelance Photographer since 1999 based in Switzerland, cover the story on how COVID-19 is creating a girls’ education crisis in Nigeria

COVID-19 is creating a girls’ education crisis in Nigeria. Girls and young women are the first to be removed from school, the least likely to learn from home and the last to return to the classroom.

Before the pandemic, the education system in Nigeria was already strained and characterised by stark gender inequalities.Now fears of COVID-19 and the economic consequences of the pandemic threaten to prevent even more girls from returning to the classroom. If leaders don’t act now, we risk losing another generation of girls.

Gender, like geography and poverty, is an important factor in the pattern of educational marginalization. States in the north-east and north-west have female primary net attendance rates of 47.7 percent and 47.3 percent, respectively, meaning that more than half of the girls are not in school. The education deprivation in northern Nigeria is driven by various factors, including economic barriers and socio-cultural norms and practices that discourage attendance in formal education, especially for girls.

Richard Juilliart

Freelance Photographer since 1999 based in Switzerland.

Four time official Olympic Games photographer, Richard covered all sports and International Olympic Committee events, in Torino, Beijing, Vancouver and most recently in London. He also captured the future great Olympians at the first two Youth Olympic games in Singapore and Innsbruck as per the request of the IOC. In addition to the Games, Richard often receives requests to work for the International Sport Federations and is regularly commissioned by newspapers from around the world.

Since 2006, his multi-facetted talent and experience led Richard to work for several Non Government Organisations (NGOs) and other private institutions. Through NGO client, Krousar Thmey, he depicted the daily life of street children in Cambodia. Richard reported on the life amputees in Bosnia and he has also captured the full impact of nature’s disasters; the tsunami in Indonesia and the earthquake in Haiti.


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