"Coronavirus is not over yet, PPEs are already creating new hazard" work of Sabina Yesmin

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Sabina Yesmin a Dhaka.Bangladesh based dynamic and motivated young Photojournalist sees the Covind 19 from her eye.

With the continuation of COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh, people are getting infected with this deadly virus in the country very regular basis. Mass media is continuously working here to create awareness among people to ensure social distance and other health guidelines set by the health ministry. Although the people are not much comfortable with following the health guidelines before, they are now at least getting used to with wearing face masks. However, they are still unaware of keeping or destroying their used safety-materials, which is posing a massive threat to the environment of the country. Throwing used masks and hand gloves here and there may increase the spread of coronavirus rapidly.

The photos were taken from various areas of the capital. The coronavirus is not over yet. In the meantime, discarded masks, gloves, PPE, etc. are creating new health risks. These are accumulating all over the country, including the capital and its suburb areas. Neither the health department nor the city corporation seems to have any headaches about what to do with this used safety equipment after use. Now, it is seen that there are millions of abandoned gloves and masks lying around the house, on the sidewalk and in the sewer. Not to mention the serious pollution of the environment, many of them are at risk of coronavirus reinfection.

In Bangladesh, we have got green deserts, rivers, hills and haors (waterbody). Rivers are the main source of livelihood in the world. The river is only pride as a memory of the past. In the sixties, the number of rivers decreased from 800 to 230. We have poisoned the rivers and polluted the rivers. Like the heart, we have created innumerable blocks in the blood vessels of the rivers.

The government's recent river rescue operation has generated quite a response. The High Court declared the river a living entity in February last year, meaning that the river's legal right of protection from any damage has been recognized. However, the waste of billions of masks has created a new challenge. According to a study, 1,592 tons of surgical mask waste was generated in just one month from March 26 to April 25.

Thus, Covid-19 has threatened food security all over the world. The world is terrified of economic downturn, stress and death march. Among them, the waste of masks and gloves is intensifying the environmental crisis. How will the masks used by billions of people be disposed of as waste? Will this new type of waste, after crossing the drains, finally be stored in the riverbed? We have to find out the solution to the problem with the waste mask. What will be the waste management of the used mask? Waste cannot be hidden; pollution does not follow any geographical boundaries. It will definitely have an impact on the environment.

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About the photographer:

Sabina Yesmin

Sabina Yesmin, work as a stuff Photojournalist with ‘Daily Prothom Alo’ since 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Daily Prothom Alo is the most popular National Bangla Daily Newspaper in Bangladesh and all over the World. She has completed her Masters on Journalism and Mass Communication from Daffodil International University, Dhaka. She also has done her basic and advanced course of photography at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute.

She considers herself as a dynamic and motivated young Photojournalist. During this tenure she covered many social, cultural issues as well as Gender and Public Health, Rohinga refuses crisis, National Election, Tobacco control and violence of Women and Children. She achieved News Network Best Reporting Award 2013, Campus to Career Youth Award 2016 as a Young Photojournalist and Reporter, Transparency International Bangladesh Photo Competition Award 2016, 1st DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) Photography Exhibition Bangladesh Award 2018 and Meena Media Award 2018 in Visual Photography. last year she got the conveners choice public health photo contest 2019.

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