Colors of Kumbh Mela by Kolakata photographer Saumalya Ghosh

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I’m Saumalya Ghosh from India, a Software Engineer by profession.

I am a self-taught amateur photographer. I am living in Kolkata for last two decades. Photography is my biggest passion. In the beginning I used to take all sorts of pictures. Gradually I discovered, my natural inclination towards connecting to the human elements. And I started focusing more into street / documentary photography.

I am a member of In-Street collective, a street photography collective in India

In my childhood, clay modelling and painting were my main hobbies. I never preferred to express myself in words. I am a visual person. I always wanted to express myself through different visual forms. However, during my days with painting, I wasn't really happy with my visual expression. Probably, I wasn't really able t connect with my subject. I didn’t realize this until I took up photography in 2012-13.

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Interview of Saumalya Ghosh

by Muhammad Imam Hasan

We have meet at Kumbh Mela 2019. That was a wonderful experience for me. What about you? Will you show us some photos from Kumb ?

Yeah, of course. Kumbh was really a great experience in all respect. It was my first visit to Kumbh mela. I was really overwhelmed by such a grand religious gathering! And I was so lucky to have a great company of wonderful photographers and friends. We had lots of fun J Will share some of my Kumbh images.

You visit Varanasi regularly. Do u have any future plan about Varanasi? Any big project like book?

Yes, I love to shoot Varanasi(Benaras). Besides being a holy city, it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. In many ways Benaras epitomizes the very best and worst aspects of India. For me it's a fascinating place where modernity meets tradition. Yes, I do have plans to do a book on Varanasi.

Your Photographs showing you love to keep multiple subjects in layer and love to shoot from close. Has this ever caused any problems for you and how did you overcome?

First thing I want to mention is that I’m fortunate to live in India where going close to people on the streets is comparatively easy. While shooting on the streets, most of the time I have been well accepted by the people who have seen me taking their photos. Every time I experience this, I realise how good and kind-hearted my fellow people are that I hardly face any rejection, though at times I intrude into their privacy! Having said that, yes at times I did face rejections. But that’s ok. Wearing a smile and saying sorry always helps.

What is your favourite time of day to shoot?


Where is your favorite place to shoot?

Benaras and Kolkata

What type of street photography photo cliche do you dislike the most?

Clichés are increasing day by day. But I’m not really bothered by this.

Where in the world would you most like to visit to take photos?


What is your favorite colour combination?

All primary colors.. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

Name one photographer you would like to emulate?

Actually I do not want to emulate anyone. If I’m forced to tell one name, then Alex Webb is a great influence.

Any Suggestions for young photographers?

Shoot what you love and please try to be original.


This Interview was taken by Muhammad Imam Hasan

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All Photos are Copy Righted by (C) Saumalya Ghosh

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