Cinematic colours of the Street of Saigon by Phuong Tran

Contact Sheet features Vietnamese photographer Phuong Tran

Phuong Tran, a Vietnamese photographer based in Saigon. he started photography in 2016, after realising that pictures with a smart phone was not enough for capturing life moments of everyday to take forward his passion.

I carry my camera every day, taking photos whenever I can
on the way to work, or during weekends walking down the streets. I love street photography because it expresses who I am, what I care about, what I love without saying much (I'm
an introvert person). Also, it's because I want to keep my memories about Saigon in my own way - the place where I was born and raised. Frame them before modernization erases them soon. 
Feeling like I take pictures all for myself, I think as I get older, each one will be a piece of memory about my Saigon hometown.

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