Break The Circle IX : impressive display of student's works of Bangladesh

Break The Circle photography exhibition and contest organised by one of the university photography clubs of Bangladesh displays the students works

IUTPS ( IUT Photography Society) is one of the notable university photography clubs of Bangladesh and started its yearly annual event Break the Circle, an international photography exhibition in 2011.

Break The Circle has become a prominent place to showcase the contemporary works by students and this exhibition is acting an important role to inspire the future photographers of Bangladesh. like every year the exhibition was creatively installed.

This time it was the 9th arrangement which was judged by Abir Abdullah, Tanzim Wahab and Pronob Ghosh. The Exhibition was curated by Jewel Paul .

Some of the single shots

Rojat Arjya
Salmi Kabir
Mohammad Anirudha Haq
Rakayet Ul Karim Rakim
Shakit Banik
Saif Mostafiz
Enamur Reza
Mohammad Saqif Hossain

Some of the Photo Stories

Faizur Rahman: In Limbo

Zobayer Joti: When I see a girl

Hasan Zobayer : Mirrorless Dream

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Saud Al Faisal

Contributor of Contact Sheet

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