Best composition with bird from the group Through The Lens

Though the Lens or TTL is an photography community and group based in Bangladesh recently started a submission on bird photography #TTLBird in Facebook.

Due to huge response the submissions are divided into two sections "Bird Photography" and "Bird in a Composition"

These are the selection of "Bird in the Compostion:

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Below are the top photos from #TTLBird

Tanjila Munia : 1st Position

Joy K Roy Chowdhury : 2nd Position

Navid Kabir : 3rd Position

Toufiq Ahmed : HM

Syama Dev : HM

Solaiman Hossen : HM

Sadman Faruque Junan : HM
Sagar Shariar : HM

Sabbir Ahmed : HM
Pranto Nayan : HM
RH Rishat : HM
Mustafa Habib Chowdhury : HM
Moin Uddin Ahmed : HM
Moin Uddin Ahmed : HM
Mehedi H Sharif : HM

Marshiat Afrida : HM

Imran Hossain Imu : HM

Joy K Roy Chowdhury : HM

Jewel Paul : HM

Ashraful Hadi : HM

All Photos are selected by the Admin panel of the group Through The Lens (TTL) and Editor of Contact Sheet.

All photographer are copyrighted by the photographers

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