5 Street photography advises by Jadsada Ineak, Bangkok based photographer

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Bangkok based Jadsada is a freelancer photographer and a member of Street Photo Thailand Collectives

JADSADA INEAK started street photography in 2014 as he developed the passion from the project "365 days in 2014" initiated by the group of Street Photo Thailand.

A self taught photographer never had any formal training or education on photography, however extensive practise and observing he because one of the notable street photographer of Thailand. He sees frames in everyday's life and every moment.

Jadsada always been a strong believer that creativity and idea are the key to success.

5 Questions to Jadsada

1. What motivated you to be a street photographer?

 I enjoy and try to pull the fun out of the street and I take photography as a fun. Also walking in the streets is like my habit and this habit keeps me motivated.

2.  To make an outstanding photograph what are elements need to be present in a photo?

The most important thing you have to bring the passion and happiness out in the photographs. Bring out the joy in your photograph. 3. Who are the photographers inspire you? ( Any photographers need to be followed)  To be very honest, now I am my own inspiration however in my early days i had several inspirations. 4. Any suggestions fo upcoming street photographers?

You need to shoot a lot of photos, bring the gem out of the sea, also this is very important to see a lot of photos to learn or need to observe. 5. Tell us more about the Bangkok Street Photography Festival 2020. This is the largest Street Photography Festival in Thailand and also very important for all the street photographer around the world. This is a great display of contemporary street photography and I am inviting all to join this exhibition.

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