10 mind blowing photos of Taj Mahal by Abbas Baig

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Abbas Baig , Abbas Baig, Delhi based Travel photographer and storyteller. Leaving his family in UP, he moved to New Delhi as a teenager. Here, he pursued Engineering and got his degree. Yet he always felt drawn towards creative pursuits. 7 years ago he switched his career and got in Jamia Millia Islamia to pursue photography to become full-time photographer, since then he is working as a full-time
photographer. He has been associated with two photography groups ( DSLR & Urban street photography group ) earlier & worked as a mentor in these organisations. He has been holding numerous workshops/talks/photowalks in Delhi & different cities ( Kolkata, Varanasi, Amritsar, Mathura, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar ), including various colleges and universities.

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